What’s so Special about Little Scholars?


Our Centre, our people.
We have been in the Mt Roskill community for over 15 years and have cared for hundreds of children. We have strived to maintain high standards of teaching and parent communication. Our facilities have been developed to provide large light rooms and have a purpose built babies room.

Our team of teachers represent the many cultures that are in our community and are a great resource for children and families who are more comfortable communicating in their mother tongue. This is one way we ensure each and every family feels welcomed and valued.


Come and meet our professional and caring team

Our planning

We believe in building a confident child and like any building, we start form the ground up. We ensure your child is well planned for to ensure they are learning at their full potential. Our programme focusses on working towards children’s strengths, not their weaknesses. Your child’s individual interests are also catered for. Our teachers develop creative learning stories about your child once a month. These are emailed to you so you can share these with friends and family. The Little Scholars teachers balance a mixture of child initiated and teacher-led experiences. Our Preschool room utilises group times to help prepare your child for school by focussing on literacy, math, science, problem solving, active movement and baking!

The many languages available
Our team has speakers of:

Preschool (29)

Preschool Writing Time

Our Preschool Rooms

Each week your preschool child will take a reading book home. At Little Scholars we wish to share the magical experience of reading quality books with your child. The aim of these books is to help young children learn about caring for and enjoying books, a well-known fundamental for later learning. Each book has an introduction, potential skill development and an activity to do with your child while reading the book.

Every Friday the children are invited to bake. We use a range of recipes which are nutritionally valuable and low in fats and sugars. This experience brings together values from each of the curriculum areas we focus on throughout the week – and we share what we have baked for afternoon tea

In addition to this we have just introduced our brand new Transition to School room that ensures your Little Scholar will have the best start for school. Throughout the day, the teacher takes the skills developed in our Preschool 1 room to the next level of learning and development. Skills and themes include: Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Science, Geography, Baking, Problem solving, as well as independence, perseverance and resilience.

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Our Playground
While your child is always safe at Little Scholars, we provide a challenging and fun environment to help develop their physical and cognitive abilities.

Our playgrounds are fully mobile, so we can create a dynamic and ever changing space for your child to explore and develop. Our preschool area has large open areas for children to run and ride their bikes or scooters. We also have a working vegetable garden that the children are a part of developing and caring for. Our pesticide free produce is then incorporated into our delicious vegetarian menu!

We have an extra-large sandpit under a UV and waterproof awning so your child can play outside every day, rain, hail or shine!



Our Preschool vegetable patch

Our Resources and Equipment

Inside we have a wide selection of educational equipment for your child to interact and learn with. We ensure children can access equipment at any time and our qualified and caring teachers work alongside them facilitating language and thought processes.



Our Menu

Our vegetarian menu has been created through years of planning and working with a variety of organisations to establish a well-balanced wholesome menu for your child while at Little Scholars. Working in conjunction with the New Zealand Heart foundation, we have created a menu that exceeds all the necessary requirements to ensure children receive their 5+ serves of fresh fruit and vegetables a day whilst they are with us. All meat proteins are replaced with pulses, beans and eggs and we ensure iron is easily absorbed by providing fruit high in vitamin C alongside these meals. The older children are provided plenty of fresh milk throughout the day to ensure strong healthy bodies.

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