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Meals and Routines



What type of meals do Little Scholars provide?

We have developed a delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal plan at Little Scholars Learning Centre. We ensure the children receive their 5+ serves of fresh fruit and vegetables whilst they are in our care. We have achieved the National Healthy Heart Foundation award and work in conjunction with the New Zealand Food and Beverage classification systems. Morning and afternoon teas consist of a variety of fresh and dried fruits, vegetables and a plain biscuit, cracker or a piece of home made baking. Lunches provide the daily requirements of protein and iron. As we are a vegetarian centre, all meat proteins are replaced with lentils, pulses and egg. The dental hygiene snack is a glass of low fat milk with apple to promote dental health. All meals are prepared onsite by our full time cook using seasonal ingredients. Menus are displayed daily in the foyer.


When are the meal times?

We provide the children with several meals throughout the day at regular intervals:

Morning Tea
11.00 / 11.30
Dental hygiene snack (over 2’s)
2.30 / 3.00
Afternoon Tea
Late Snack





What if my child has allergies?

Any dietary requirements are recorded on the enrolment forms. You are required to list any allergens your child has, the reactions to look out for and any medication that can be left at the centre.

All precautions are taken to ensure the safety of your child while at Little Scholars. For children with moderate to severe allergies we require an action plan from your doctor. Meals will be provided which are similar to what the other children will be having, with allergens omitted.


Can I bring in food for my child?

We ask that you do not provide food for your children as this tends to reduce the interest in the wholesome menu we provide. We also need to ensure children are not sharing food from their bags with other children who may have allergies.




What if my child needs breakfast?

We welcome your child having breakfast at Little Scholars. We do ask that children have their breakfast prior to 08.00 so as not to disrupt their eating patterns throughout the day. You will need to provide all food and milk for your child’s breakfast, and we ask that there are no nuts present e.g. peanut butter.


What should I bring for my Child’s birthday?

We value the importance birthdays and other significant celebrations our families have in their households. At Little Scholars we encourage the children to share their special celebrations with us. Many families celebrate these occasions with party food. We encourage parents to bring in other items such as balloons, party hats or fruit platters instead of ‘party foods’ as  we will not give children ‘party foods’ that are generally high in colours, sugars, salt and preservatives.  If a birthday cake is required, then a small plain sponge is ideal. Please ensure there are no nuts present.




Do the children sleep during the day?

Children in our babies rooms have sleep routines which are similar to their home routine. All other children between the ages of 2-4 years are encouraged to have a rest / sleep after lunch. If you have specific requests regarding your child’s sleep routine, please share this with your child’s teacher. We provide all the bedding and ask you to bring in a named pillow case for hygienic storage of your child’s bedding.


Can teacher’s toilet train my child?

Our staff are here to help you during this tricky time. We are aware that this can be a stressful time for both you and your toddler. While going through this process we ask that you ensure plenty of spare changes of clothing are provided and plastic bags for sending soiled clothing home in. Shoes that can be rinsed are also ideal (such as gumboots or crocs.) Please share your success and failures with us from home, as we incorporate these into our toilet training process with your child to ensure your child is receiving constant and appropriate messages.




How does Little Scholars manage behaviours?

At Little Scholars we use positive child guidance techniques with the children. We aim to guide the children’s behaviour in a way that allows the children to make their own appropriate choices, feeling confident and valued.

We use a traffic light imagery for all of our rooms, which discusses behaviours that will not be tolerated – red, behaviours that will be assessed before teacher intervention – orange and behaviours that will be encouraged – green.

Re-direction is the preferred choice of behaviour guidance, as is discussion and reasoning. Please feel free to talk to a teacher in your child’s room if you have any concerns about your child’s behaviour


What is Active Movement?

We are dedicated to ensuring your children remain active and healthy in their play. It is our belief that active movement provides children with the opportunity to develop strength and control over the muscles in their bodies and ideas about keeping themselves healthy through healthy eating and hygiene practices. In each of our rooms, staff are offered professional development to ensure that your children are receiving age appropriate and current practice in regards to active movement sessions.




At Little Scholars we are committed to ensuring that any excursions for children  are well planned and adequately staffed. Consent forms outlining venue, date, times, costs and supervision ratios will be issued 2 weeks in advance of any field trip (Kelly Tarltons, Zoo etc). Permission for excursions in the local community has been granted on your child’s enrollment form and notification of such excursions will be given on the day.



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