Helping to settle your child into Little Scholars

Enrolments and Transitions


Who are my Childs teachers?

Our Little Scholars team has been selected for their wide range of skills and their ability to educate and support the children’s learning. All our Little Scholars permanent staff are either qualified early childhood/primary teachers or are currently in training for their ECE qualification. We actively support the professional development of all our team members. A photo board is displayed in the foyer with all teachers, names and the rooms they work in.

Teachers Profiles


How do I settle my child?2

Talk to your child about starting daycare a week or two before they are due to start. We offer two transition visits prior to starting. Transition visits are one hour each and are a good time for you and your child to become familiar with the staff and children in their room. This is also a good time to pass on any important information verbally such as allergies and routines.


3Can I visit during the day?

We do have an open door policy, however some children can become upset if their parents return and leave again. We encourage parents to phone us at any time throughout the day and to spend some time with their children (in the room) at drop off and collection times



What do I need to provide?4

Please provide nappies, bottle and formula, at least two changes of spare, named clothing, including a sunhat for summer, and warm clothing and a hat for winter months in a named bag. Due to regulations, we will require a minimum of 6 nappies per day. If your child is toilet training, please provide at least 4 changes of clothing and plastic bags.



5Can my child bring things from home?

We ask that you do not bring toys and special items from home as we can not assume responsibility for these items. Any clothing or items that are brought to Little Scholars need to be clearly named. Toys or ‘snugglies’ that are used as comforters will be kept in the child’s bag for sleep time or with the bedding. Preschoolers may bring an item for “Show’n’Tell” on a Monday



Sign in Register6

Our daily roll is located in the front foyer. Please ensure you sign this each time you drop your child off and again when you pick them up. Each month you will also be asked to sign a monthly roll for the Ministry of Education. In addition, you may be required to sign a “Confirmation of Enrollment form” if your child’s attendance has differed from their enrolled times


Un-enrolling your child

A two week written notice period is required for all children leaving our centre. Full fees may be applied in lieu of notice. Download a printable copy of our enrollment Terms and Conditions here

Terms and Conditions

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