Preschool 2 Room – 4.5 years to 5 years old

Our educational programme has been designed with links to local schools in mind ensuring that the children are fully prepared for the move to school. Learning is at the heart of our programme and philosophy.

Active movement

Child love to move. As part of our curriculum we engage in planned active movement sessions where children have the opportunity to develop spatial awareness, social interactions with children and teachers, gross motor skills, and are able to listen and respond to instructions. The experiences provide children with knowledge about healthy eating, keeping themselves healthy and safe from harm, as well as gaining skills for pre reading and pre writing development.



Our carpentry table is readily available for the children to use in the outdoor area. During this time children are exposed to skill developing experiences such as problem solving, concepts and design, creativity, technology, physical control, social skills – rules and turn taking, Math’s concepts such as – patterns, values, geometry. The children love to create large designs and share them with their teachers and families.



Our Preschoolers love to cook! What better way to encourage healthy eating habits than involving the children in the cooking process?   We enjoy making a variety of foods and explore new tastes – soups, muffins, biscuits, scones, pizzas and slices are just some of the yummy foods we like to create. Cooking introduces basic math and science concepts and relationships are strengthened as children learn to cook and share with others.


Creative arts

Let’s get creative!  Painting, drawing, crayon and dye, collage, play dough creations and are just some of the ways we explore our artistic side. Creative art develops hand eye coordination, extends fine motor skills and allows for freedom of expression.


Dramatic play

Children enjoy modeling real life experiences and dramatic play allows these to be acted out.  Through dramatic play children are able to express themselves, develop self-help skills, learn how to interact socially with others, share experiences and to make sense of the world they live in.  Children enjoy pretend cooking in the kitchen area, caring for dolls and dressing up in different outfits.  These are all great ways to extend this role play.


Group time

Group time is a key point in our preschool where we share learn about different curriculum areas. Group time promotes literacy, math, science, problem solving, music and baking and provides opportunities for sharing which builds social confidence. It is also a great way to develop memory and concentration skills.  Group times can involve the whole group or smaller age appropriate groups.



Little Scholars is a language and print rich environment that exposes children to all forms of literacy through centre displays, labeling of equipment and everyday objects.  Storytelling from an early age helps foster a love of books and the written word.  Books allow children to explore a world of make believe and fantasy as well as facts.  All this develops the necessary early literacy skills needed to support children’s reading development at school.  Preschool children also have a selection of home reading books they can take home each week to share with you. Each book has a focus and a set of activities that you can do with your child. Each week children also make an entry in their personal writing books.


Local outings in the community

Our Preschool children love to get out and about in our community!  We are lucky to have a local park just down the road that we visit frequently when the weather is nice.  We also enjoy neighbourhood walks and visiting our local shops.  As part of our curriculum we work closely Mt Roskill and Three Kings Primary and take every opportunity offered to join in school activities such as library time, assemblies or visiting a new entrant class.  Groups of our eldest children also enjoy visits to our local library.

We also have frequent visit from other community members such as the Fire and Ambulance service, and the local librarian.


Messy play

These sensory learning experiences are not only lots of fun they also introduce basic science and math concepts. Messy play activities using gloop, slime and shaving cream allow our preschoolers to experiment with tactile play and express their creativity.


Music and movement

Our kids love to sing and dance!  Creating music and dancing is a great way for us to express ourselves and learn more about the way we move. Singing encourages pre–literacy skills and enhances speech. Dancing allows us to express ourselves through freedom of movement.  It also helps us to build relationships.


Outdoor play

Having a big outdoor area is great for our bigger children to run and explore their surroundings. In this large space we love to build sand castles, explore water play (in summer time), zoom around on the bikes, tend the vegetable garden and climb our moveable obstacle courses. These fun activities encourage an appreciation of the natural world through sensory exploration and provide an area where children gain increasing control of their bodies. Positive relationships flourish with the other children and everyone develops a sense of enjoyment in participation.


Planning for learning

Our effective programme is based on the children’s interests and follows the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki.  We believe in creating an environment where children love learning, and are immersed in literacy and numeracy as part of what looks like play.



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