Our Programme

We believe that learning happens through play and our staff ensure high quality interactions that foster children’s creativity, early literacy, and math concepts, problem solving skills, social competencies, memory skills, communication and discovery.

Our Preschool educational programme has been designed with links to local schools in mind ensuring that the children are fully prepared for the move to school. Learning is at the heart of our programme and philosophy.

Your child’s story of their learning and development is emailed to you each month. Portfolios are available for you to view while you are at the centre and are given to the child when they leave the centre.

Our centre uses the New Zealand curriculum Te Whāriki for planning and is approved by the Ministry of Education, ensuring children develop holistically. We focus on what your child can do and what they are interested in, creating competent and confident learners who enjoy exploring their environment.

At Little Scholars our early childhood education programmes are divided into three approximate groups, and are flexible to accommodate the needs of the children:


Babies Room: 3 months – 2.5 years (approx)

Every day our babies like to explore a range of activities including; Messy Play, Music and Movement, Creative Arts, Reading and Early Literacy, Group time, Outdoor Play, Family Play and Manipulative Play.

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 Preschool 1 Room: 2.5 – 4.5 years (approx)

At Little Scholars, alongside our regular learning opportunities we also run a programme where extra experiences are offered to extend the older children’s learning. Resources include board games, manipulative activities, puzzles, beads, pencils, paper, art media etc.

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Preschool 2 Room: 4.5 – 5 years (approx)

A new introduction to our centre – A Transition to School room whcih provides a programme aimed at ensuring your little scholars has the best head start for school.

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