Fees, Terms and Holidays Policy



A registration fee and the first week’s tuition fee is due at the time of enrolment per child. The registration fee is a once only payment, unless the child is taken off the roll and later wishes to re-enroll. It is not refundable and it is not applied to tuition.



Our terms of trade are that the weekly fee is paid in advance of the week your child is enrolled by automatic payment (i.e. Friday morning payments should be covering fees for the coming week).  When fees are 2 weeks in arrears, a child’s place in the Centre may no longer be made available to them. Any outstanding fees will be referred a debt collection agency and/or court action will be taken against you.  We do not extend credit to our parents/guardians.

Because our program and licensing regulations require us to engage staff based on the number of children enrolled, we cannot give fee refunds for periods which your child is absent or deductions for statutory holidays. Any time a child is taken off the roll, the place may be filled by someone on the waiting list. Re-enrollment when possible will necessitate a further registration fee.

A late charge will be payable for each 15 minutes or part thereof that your child is collected after the Centre closing time. The charge is payable immediately to Little Scholars.

Any outstanding account balances will incur a 10% late fee payment penalty weekly.

It is our policy to review fees regularly.


Absences – Available for under 3 year olds with full day enrolments only.

The Centre will be closed on statutory holidays regular fees will apply.

2x enrolment days are available for holidays at a 50% discounted rate. Full fees apply thereafter. Accounts must be paid one week in advance before discounts are applied. These can only be used if the child is continuing their enrolment at Little Scholars and if they have been enrolled and attending the centre for a minimum of three months.

When booking holidays a leave form must be completed 2 weeks prior to taking this leave. In circumstances where the child does not attend the centre for more than 20 days a child’s place in the centre may no longer be made available unless prior arrangements are made with the Centre Manager. The anniversary for holidays is 1st December each year. In circumstances where a child is withdrawn and re-enrolled the anniversary can only be applied once.


20 Hours ECE

20 Hours ECE is available for three and four year olds for up to 6 hours per child per day, and up to a maximum of 20 hours per child per week. 

 As a parent you can chose to accept the 20 hours ECE at Little Scholars or you can choose to use your 20 hours ECE at another service provider.

 As such Little Scholars has 2 fee structures for our Children aged over 3.

The “20hrs ECE” structure is the fee charged for a child enrolled to accept the 20 hours ECE at Little Scholars. As we are a full day service provider, and the 20 hours ECE only covers the first 6 hours per child per day and up to a maximum of 20 hours per child per week this fee structure charges for the additional hours only. Any hours not covered by the 20 hours ECE is a compulsory fee and is covered under Chapter 4.3 of the ECE Funding Handbook.

The “Preschool” structure is the fee charged for a child enrolled with Little Scholars who has chosen not to accept the 20 hours ECE..


Fees and operating times may be altered at any time during the calendar year. Fees are reviewed annually and parents will be advised in writing at least two weeks before any new fee structure comes into effect.


Fees at Little Scholars

A minimum enrolment of 2 days and 6 hours per day is required. Fees are based on an 10 hour day. A $30 enrolment fee and a bond of 1 weeks fees is payable upon enrolment. If enrolling under the government’s 20 hour ECE subsidy you must also fully complete the attestation section of the enrolment form.

We accept EFTPOS, credit card, cash, cheque or  internet banking and automatic payments.

To find out more download our centre Terms of Trade here:             Terms of Trade

Special Conditions for School Day charges can be found here:             School days



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